Quote of the Day -5/5/09

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."
— Edgar Allan Poe

Monday, March 30, 2009

Writing Motivation

So what tools do you guys use to get yourself to write? Or, more specifically, to stop dilly dallying and move closer to publication?

Is it the money? The fame? The fear of ridicule from your peers who know that you've been working on that "silly" novel for months on end?

For me, I have a novel written, two half-written, three other novels to start, and one that I just started today. I need help. So I've decided that when I sell my first novel., I'm going to buy myself a puppy.

It is the ULTIMATE PLAN!!!

What about you?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Passive detailing

I'd like to ask everyone about passive detailing. What I mean is: When you read a book and it spends four or five paragraphs describing the layout of a place without mention of character, that is what I like to call passive detailing. I hate it. I am of the opinion that if one were to describe a place, one must make it more interesting than simply laying it out. I think using character reaction to their surroundings is much more interesting. Not too lengthily, because that can get boring. I guess my point is, setting is not nearly as important as plot and neither are as important as character. I just finished Lord of the Rings again, and decided that while, yes it is very prose-y, the only really great thing about it is the plot. There is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much passive detailing. Don't get me wrong, it is still a great story. A better example would be the Eragon series. I tried to read the third one recently and found I couldn't get past the first two chapters. I wasn't too impressed with the first two books anyway, so maybe I didn't try as hard as I should have, but those books definately have too much passive detailing. Do any other books come to mind? Or do you disagree?

I'm being somewhat negitive. Here, I'll try something else. I love fairytale retellings. I love Ella Enchanted, I love Beauty. (incedentally, these were voted the best fairytale retellings recently)
I also like Goose Girl. None of these authors are my favorite. In my opinon, the books I just listed are thier best and the only ones I would read multiple times. (no, I don't adore Shannon Hale *gasp*) I will say that Gail Carson Levine did a good job with her little fairytale books. (cinderellis and the glass hill, the fairy's mistake, ect.) Her characters are interesting and fun . That will make me love a book immediately. Beauty, by Robin McKinley (truly her best book) Is so beautiful. The whole thing is written with a rosy glow over it, and *swollowing my words* may have used lots of passive detailing, but it was so lovely, it seemed that the book was about the descriptions rather than actually telling a story. In a good way. I realize that sounds bad, but she pulled it off, and I commend her for it. I don't care much for her other books at all. I just finished reading Princess at the Midnight Ball, by Jessica Day George. It's a twelve dancing princesses story. It was good. Interesting and all. with a happy ending and no plot holes. it wasn't confusing and it was consise....ready?......here comes the part where I tell you all what I didn't like......ready?........The Lady had TWELVE PRINCESSES and I was only able to distinguish two of them from the others. They were flatter than a peice of paper. Besideing the main character, (who was very heroine-like in the way: I'm supposed to like her because she's the main character, and no other reason) There was The second oldest, Lily, who I liked, but who was mentioned five times in the book, and one of the twins, Poppy, who was fun. Maybe I'm just cynical, maybe I'm a bad reader, but I want characters to woo me into liking them. I don't want a list of qualities shoved in my face (Which, incidentally, she did when describing the soldier, literally a list) and to be expected to like them.

GAAAAA!!!! I'm being negitive again. I really did like the book. It wasn't bad.

Apparently, if you write an authors name on the internet, they can track you and read what you have to say. I'm in biiiiiiiiiiiig trouble.

Jessica Day George, I didididididid like you book. You can't blame me for having an opinon. Or for having a bad week, as I just did. Or for disliking you ending, but I mean, come on, resurrection is going wayyyy too far.

Anyway, sorry for being so negitive, I hope I didn't offend any of you. However, if I did, you can just leave me a comment telling me to slap myself with a fish, and I promise I'll do it!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pump up our blog!

Hey guys! Guess what? It has nearly been a year since we got together and created literary magic. And this blog is still in motion. sort of. That's really great, and we should do better. I have found that I don't even check the blog every month now. I am going to change that. Vive la resistance! I am going to post something new at least once a week (hopefully). If anything, I will suggest a story, a character (whether it be fictional or non fictional), and a prop. These can either be good or bad, it matters not. I will state my opinion and I hope you will comment. If I don't get comments on the first four I try, then I'll just give up, no hard feelings. I just want to pump us up, thats all. I think it's really great to have a blog where I can talk to other aspiring authors, AND PUBLISHED AUTHORS (I can't wait to go to a book store and casually tell my friend 'Iknow her, and dang this lady and I are tight like sprite') You all had great stuff, so of course it'll be published. So, participate if you will and if you dare. I'm feeling devilishly enthused, so you might not get rid of me if you give me any encouragement.
Right here I'd like to pause and pay homage to cookies. Girl scout cookies, specifically. I'd like to kiss whoever had the idea to make these deliciouse bits of heaven and share with us lowly commoners. Kiss them on the mouth. Unless it's a woman. Then a firm handshake seems in order.
If I ever use the term 'kiss them on the mouth' again, slap me. That sounds so gross.
Anyway, my point of writing that was to convince you to support your local girl scouts and taste heaven, for it may just inspire the greatest love scene of your life, whether or not there is a good looking cookie maker involved.
How are you all doing on your stories? Anything exciting happening? I just had another explosion, so I'm good on my quota.
I hope that you'll all join in on this revamp of our only form of communication.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rebecca's Recommended Reads

Hi Everyone!

Looking for a good book? I've launched a book review blog for YA, MG, chapter books and picture books. I'll be posting short and snappy reviews of both recently published books and old favorites every week, so drop by often.


I'd also like YOUR recommendations for titles I can add to my ever-growing list of reviews. See you there!