Quote of the Day -5/5/09

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."
— Edgar Allan Poe

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who's on Facebook & Twitter?

I've done a better job staying in touch with my 2nd WIFYR group than my first one. A few of us convinced several in the group to join Twitter. It's been fun and educational for me to keep tabs on their lives, but mostly it's been motivational. Since this group has withered a bit, I was wondering if perhaps you folks have moved on to Facebook and Twitter.

Here's my contact info. Please post yours in a comment. Let's try to stay in touch.

http://twitter.com/DouglasCootey - My creative stream and the one I recommend you follow. My writing centric stream. Low traffic.
http://twitter.com/SplinteredMind - A blog stream full of all the kinetic links and thoughts of my world. For some reason 820 people follow it. Mental health & politics color this stream considerably.


Jenilyn said...

I'm not on Facebook or Twitter, but I have finally gotten around to starting a blog:


Rebecca J. Carlson said...

I'm on facebook. Search for me by e-mail - becka@byu.net

Jenilyn, did you link your name to your blog on the writer roll call thing on the sidebar? If not, I'll take care of it right now...