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"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."
— Edgar Allan Poe

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What are you currently working on?

Hey everyone! Long time no see. How is everyone doing? Still writing? I hope so!

Let's touch base on the writing world, too... What are you currently writing/reading? :)


Gabapple said...

I'll answer in comments. I just finished reading Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams. Loved it. Different than what I usually read, but I really really liked it.

As for writing... I'm writing my first 'adult' (ie: not YA) novel right now and am about 20k into it. Once it's done, it'll be my third finished book. Then I'll go back to my first and start revising to submit it. I keep getting more and more ideas for new books and it's driving me crazy. Probably about time I DID something with one instead of starting something new. :)

Rebecca J. Carlson said...

Hey everyone! It was a blast to see some of you at WIFYR again this year.

Right now I'm reading "Jungle Crossing" by Sydney Salter. On my list to read: Percy Jackson book 1, Dan Wells' "I Am Not a Serial Killer" and Fablehaven book 5.

Writing: The second re-write of Earthcrosser is being considered by editor and agent. My fingernails are all but gone. I wrote a MG fantasy last summer, had a false start on a MG outer-space adventure earlier this year, and now I'm working on a MG contemporary fantasy loosely based on the book I brought to WIFYR the first year.

Cat said...

Hi all!
Haven't stopped here in too long!

I just finished reading "Princess Academy" by Shannon Hale. A very enjoyable read, and reading the author's process on writing the book (on her webpage) was very eye-opening! She did many rewrites of this novel.

For my own writing, my Nettle Spinner retelling has gone out to find its way in the world after 4 rewrites, and I'm currently on draft #2 of another obscure fairy tale retelling--changing it from first person to third--which is actually a lot of fun (at this point, anyway!).

I've considered doing a sequel to Nettle Spinner after thinking "If I were to continue on with a next chapter, what would I discover? And what clues or questions were left unanswered in the backstory/subplots that I could further explore?" In answer to that, a whole story arc sort of popped into my head--and it would be great fun to flesh it all out.

I only wish I had more than 2 hours a day to write. I know that I could easily fill 6-8 hours a day with writing time!

I have a 500+ page fantasy novel that I started a decade ago or so that I'd love to go back to, finish, and write a second draft.

Maybe one day...!